Exipure review : How Exipure will affect your weight loss rate? Is it really worth the hype? (Honest Opinion)



Exipure everywhere, Hope you also came across the magic weight loss supplement that claims to be an amazing formula which helps you lose your weight fast. Like you do, we too came across this weight loss supplement and read ton of reviews about Exipure. But what is the reality behind it?

We have ordered the supplement and used it to check if it works. For our surprise it did worked but what are the results? Did it helped in losing weight or worked successfully in showing up major side affects?

Keep reading to know how Exipure helped us in losing weight with minimal resources and time, benefits, side effects and more.

What is Exipure?

Weight loss supplement

It is a weight loss supplement which the manufactures believe it burns fat by increasing a tissue in our body, which is Brown Adipose Tissue also know as BAT.

It comes in the form of capsules which you can consume in order to achieve the desired goals. The ingredients in the supplement helps in balancing the BAT (Brown adipose tissue) levels in the body which in turn, burns and reduces the overall fat percentage.

Many research evidences show that BAT is more effective when compared to other techniques and scientific methods. The supplement brings the brow adipose tissue to a desired level to help with weight loss.

How does it work?

Exipure weight loss supplement real customer weight loss before and after pics
Before and after pic – 6 months usage of Exipure with a proper diet

This supplement tries to increase metabolism of a person without needing to make heavy changes in diet or everyday routine. We, humans, depending on our diet our body collects two types of fats namely the white and brown fats but the deposition is mainly dependent on the rate of metabolism.

Higher the metabolism lower the fat deposition. Lower the metabolism higher the fat deposition. Some store more fat in a certain area while some store fat in other areas depending on age, gender, diet etc. But many people think eating less will help them overcome obesity while its not true. We should concentrate more on increasing our metabolism rather than concentrating on eating less.

Many people have already tried keto, intermittent fasting and other plentiful diets and methods but reason for constantly failing is not increasing their basal metabolic rate which is the key for weight loss or fat loss.

What is Brown Fat?

Exipure weight loss supplement review brown adipose tissue BAT
Exipure supplement BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue Explanatory Image)

But what the heck is Brown fat or brown adipose tissue? It is a kind of fat that works to keep your body warm when you feel cold. In simple terms it regulates your body temperature and keep you warm.

OK, but how does it help me in losing fat? It burns excess calories to generate heat and maintain it. It has more mitochondria when compared to white fat which is a main driver for burning surplus calories.

But in humans Brown Adipose Tissue decreases as we age, Which leads to lower metabolic rates. Exipure might help in raising your metabolic rate in order to burn the fat.

Ingredients used in the supplement

Ingredients used in Exipure


Perilla helps to cure wind cold, Bloating, Stomach and Lung problems.


Kudzu proved to reduce fat and promote weight loss when consumed 300mg by mouth daily for 12 weeks consistently.

Holy Basil

Basil leaves is a truly magic ingredient in Exipure. It is being widely use in metabolic treatments to ramp up the metabolism, which promotes weight loss.

White Korean Ginseng

This herd helps in promoting good gut bacteria and proved to help in weight loss if consumed twice a day for about 8 weeks consistently.

Amur Cork Bark

Amur bark helps in curing stress, obesity, osteoarthritis and even acts as anti-inflammatory.


Propolis supplementation for a specific time suggests that it will increase weight of the fecal matter by increasing fat content in feces. Which means your fat is excreted through poop, resulting in weight loss


quercetin helps in reducing weight through increasing metabolism, boosting BAT and also by decreasing the feed efficiency.


Olive leaves or oleuropein. These leaves helps us in weight loss by preventing weight gain and it also reduces the risk of obesity.

Who can consume ?

This supplement contains only natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any synthetic or hormonal drugs. Everyone from age 18 to 80 can consume Exipure. It is a completely safe supplement that you can add to your daily routine.

Not only weight loss but Exipure promotes overall health and well being. Pregnant ladies and people with other health conditions may get a doctors opinion for better results.

Children have adequate BAT thus they don’t need supplements.

Benefits of the supplement

Exipure has many benefits other than weight loss, because of the ingredients that has been used in it. These are some of the top benefits of Exipure.

  • Exipure has been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • This supplement can be consumed by anyone who is above 18 years of age.
  • Exipure has been manufactured by professionals from medical background.
  • It is free from Gluten as well as Soy.
  • It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
  • Also helps in increasing feel good hormone.
  • Promotes gut health.
  • Passed purity test.
  • Helps clean throat and lungs.
  • Relieves body pains and aches.
  • It helps in promoting brain power.
  • Exipure stores healthy cholesterol while flushing out bad cholesterol.
  • Supports healthy heart and liver by shedding excess fat.
  • If you are suffering from constant digestion and constipation problem Exipure would help with it.

Side effects of the supplement

Honestly, based on 3 month experience we observed no side effects produced by Exipure as all the contents are natural. However, There are some of the drawbacks regarding the product.

  • Available only on their website and Amazon.
  • Ingredient dosage is not mentioned on the product.
  • Reordering processing is not easy.
  • Not available on local stores.
  • Not suitable for people below 18 years age.

Dosage for best results

According to the product manufacturers taking 1 pill everyday in the morning would be sufficient but we have observed good results while consuming the pill two times a day. Morning and evening on empty stomach.

It is important to remember to maintain a healthy balanced diet in order to see the results and also a minimal level of physical activity would help in achieving the results faster

Results we achieved

We have achieved pretty good results with Exipure and many of their customers as well. But for any supplement a proper diet is important with some physical activity in order to raise your metabolic rate.

Exipure weight loss supplement real customers review
Exipure happy customers


Real reviews from people who bought Exipure
Real reviews from other people

As long as we used the product our personal experience was quite good. We haven’t faced any difficulties or side effects during the process. It helped us in the weigh loss journey while we also maintained a healthy diet and exercise routine.

We highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to gain their confidence by losing those extra inches or get in shape. But depending only on the supplement doesn’t produce desirable results. Exercise and healthy diet are a must in order to lose weight.

Click the button below to get Exipure. They only maintain limited supply. So be quick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Exipure bad for your health?

No Exipure is absolutely safe. It is certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) It contains only natural ingredients and not chemicals or hormones. Strictly purchase only from their official website.

Does Exipure has any bad complaints?

As far as we know there are no bad or negative complaints regarding Exipure. It works very well in promoting weight loss. There are many reviews by the real customers on the internet.

Is Exipure a scam?

No, Exipure is a genuine product. Because of it’s popularity, online scammers started selling fake products with the same name. Beware of those websites. Here’s their official website

Exipure before and after pics

Here is one of the pictures

How long does Exipure take to work

Exipure is a natural supplement and you need to consume it for at least 3 months to notice a significant change with a proper diet and physical activity.

Ultra proven vs Exipure which is better?

Exipure is better. Both are good supplements but we highly recommend and like Exipure over ultra proven or ProVen. Get Exipure from official website.Ultra Proven-VS-Exipure-Which-is-better-ProVen-Ultra-Proven

What is the good dosage for Exipure?

1 capsule every day on empty stomach, early in the morning. Incorporate healthy diet and exercise to achieve better results

Exipure Review Videos

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